About Swamiji

Himalayan Swamiji Yogi Shri Amudhabharathi


Yogi Shri Amudhabharathi born in southern India, Educated in law from Madras University in Chennai and rendered his  career as advocate in Chennai High Court.

Being inspired with spirituality from younger age, searched the  linkage between him and the universe, with the result of his search,  visited the Himalayas and the quest started with the teachings and  blessings of spiritual leaders.

He find his search is enlightened by Vaasi Yoga Meditation, the one  that is given by the wisdom of rishis and siddhars from our ancient culture. He realized and researched vaasi yoga on the Himalayas and he started teaching the Vaasi Yoga to all people with self.

He teaches vaasi yoga to the world and lot of followers and students participating in his programmes. Yogi campaigned about the benefits of vaasi yoga meditation and its results for building a better society and environment starting from the basics of education.